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Developer Communities:
How & where to engage with developers

In this collaborative Session, SlashData is talking about developer communities, sharing the latest available insights from our global survey. We are looking at where developers go to seek information, what types of information they’re looking for, and the support and interaction they expect from the community and vendors. Stack Overflow presents how to use developer community activity to define opportunity and how Collectives addresses developers’ needs.

Which developers are working on Generative AI projects?

In this session we will look at what developers have to say about working on Generative AI projects. Generative AI seems to have taken the world by storm, introducing new productivity tools and even passing medical and bar exams. While the tech industry seems to still working out what this will mean for the future, we will take a look at the people at the heart of the revolution, developers.

The inside view on running a Developer Program

In this session, you will access direct insights on how professionals run their developer program. We will look into the data from our latest Developer Program Leaders survey, where we asked industry professionals to tell us what they do all day, how they measure success and more. The results shown come from our latest Q2 2021 survey and the responses of 96+ developer marketing, relations, advocacy or evangelism professionals