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Machine Learning Developers & their Data

In this session, we look into Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Scientists and the data they work with. The results shown come from our latest Q1 2021 survey wave and the responses of 19,000+ developers.
What you will learn

  • Types of data that ML/AI/Data Scientists work with

  • How many ML/AI/Data Scientists work on each type

  • Which types are frequently used together

  • The professional / hobbyist/student mix in the ML/AI/Data Scientists data ecosystem

  • Industry application areas for different data types

  • The size of unstructured training data ML/AI/Data Scientists use

The inside view on running a Developer Program

In this session, you will access direct insights on how professionals run their developer program. We will look into the data from our latest Developer Program Leaders survey, where we asked industry professionals to tell us what they do all day, how they measure success and more. The results shown come from our latest Q2 2021 survey and the responses of 96+ developer marketing, relations, advocacy or evangelism professionals

What makes a developer program successful?

What makes a developer program successful?
We ran a survey to determine that. Developer Program strategists and practitioners answered our questions and we shared the answers in a session, answering the following questions:

  • FTE headcount for developer marketing, developer relations, and developer tooling activities.

  • Budget for developer marketing, developer relations, and developer tooling activities.

  • Estimate on what value an onboarded developer brings to an organisation over their lifetime. 

  • How they justify the budget for their developer program to upper management?

The developer ecosystem


financial services & APIs


Tech inhabitant and the financial and banking world shows growing communities. We use our insights and data from 30,000 developers globally, to look into this growing community, and how we expect it to evolve. We discuss the usage and popularity of APIs in this industry, comparing it to the usage of APIs across all developers. See how popular banking and payment APIs are, but also who - which developer personas - use them, and what types of projects and applications they work on.

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Understand your developer audience 

In this session, and based on data from our Developer Economics surveys that receive more than 30,000 responses annually, we will discuss the relative size of the API and non-API developer communities. We’ll look into community size and the profile of the developers who use third party, private or don't use APIs. 

Some of the key questions we will be answering are: How many developers use APIs versus not? In which development areas is the APIs usage more prevalent? How does the profile of those who use internal/private APIs differ from those who use third party APIs? Are the less experienced developers using APIs more than the seasoned ones? 

The API & Non-API 


How they differ in size and profile