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Which developers are working on Generative AI projects?

An inside look at what developers want, need and expect

Which developers are working on Generative AI projects?

In this session we will look at what developers have to say about working on Generative AI projects.

Generative AI seems to have taken the world by storm, introducing new productivity tools and even passing medical and bar exams. While the tech industry seems to still working out what this will mean for the future, we will take a look at the people at the heart of the revolution, developers.

​Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to better understand and address developers’ needs. If you’re interested in how developers form communities, what they look for and how they look for information, this Session is for you.

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Title: Which developers are working on Generative AI projects?

Speakers: Richard Muir, Data Journalist, SlashData

Available on: 29 June 2023 | 6pm BST  LIVE 

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Topics addressed

Join this session to discover answers to these questions

  • How are developers involved in generative AI projects?

  • How are they engaging with generative AI projects?

  • Where are these developers located?

  • What is their level of experience?

  • Where did they learn how to code?

  • What are their roles?

  • How do developers involved in generative AI projects get information about software development, and what types of content do they prefer?

How developer resources offerings have been impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are the headcount and budget (and how to justify the budget to upper management) for developer marketing, developer relations, and developer tooling activities.

Estimate the value each onboarded developer brings to your organisation.

Meet the

Christina Voskoglou
Senior Director of Research, SlashData 

Christina is responsible for all SlashData’s research products and heads the analyst and product teams. With more than 20 years of experience in data science (even before that was a term!), data teams and products, she leads all research for SlashData, from product design to research methodology and insight generation.

David Gibson
Senior Data Analyst, Stack Overflow 

David is the Senior Data Analyst on the Marketing team. He is responsible for all things data and prides himself on bridging the gap between business and data science.

Meet the


Meet the


Richard Muir
Data Journalist 

Richard is a Data Journalist with over five years’ experience working in a range of industries, from government policy to automotive. He is responsible for finding and interpreting actionable insights from SlashData’s developer surveys.

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Which developers are working on Generative AI projects?

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