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The inside view on running a Developer Program

This is the question we will answer through this Session by SlashData.

The inside view on running a Developer Program 
Results from the Developer Program Leaders survey

In this session, you will access direct insights on how professionals run their developer program. We will look into the data from our latest Developer Program Leaders survey, where we asked industry professionals to tell us what they do all day, how they measure success and more. The results shown come from our latest Q2 2021 survey and the responses of 96+ developer marketing, relations, advocacy or evangelism professionals 

​Who is it for?

Anyone working on a Developer Program. Whether it’s Developer Marketing, Relations or Advocacy, this Session shares some key insights to effectively talk and engage with developer audiences.

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Title: The inside view on running a Developer Program

Speaker: Richard Muir, Data Journalist

Available on: July 27, 2021 - ON DEMAND


What you will learn

  • The size of developer programs 

  • What do developer relations practitioners do all day?

  • Money talks - Justifying your developer program 

  • Measuring success

  • Segmentation and strategy

  • A preview of the Developer Program Benchmarking

How developer resources offerings have been impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are the headcount and budget (and how to justify the budget to upper management) for developer marketing, developer relations, and developer tooling activities.

Estimate the value each onboarded developer brings to your organisation.


Meet the


Richard Muir
Data Journalist 

Richard is a Data Journalist with over five years’ experience working in a range of industries, from government policy to automotive. He is responsible for finding and interpreting actionable insights from SlashData’s developer surveys.

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